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Chaz: I was in denial

Chaz Bono says he will only eat cake on his birthday.

The 44-year-old admits that before taking part in Dancing With the Stars, he hadn’t faced up to his health problems.

But since losing 85 lbs., Chaz has never been happier.

“I was kind of in denial about how heavy I was, but was ready to do something about it,” he told Extra. “I was thinking that it was holding me back from opportunities in my life, and I was worried about my health.”

Chaz credits television show The Doctors with helping him kickstart his new regime. According to the son of legendary singer Cher, they taught him how to keep the weight off permanently.

“They hooked me up with a nutritionist, a doctor and exercise plan. I have cut out 99% of grains from my diet, 99% of dairy from my diet. I pretty much eat vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts,” Chaz said, insisting he will only eat cake on his birthday.

The musician revealed his transformation didn’t end with just weight loss – there was also surgery involved to remove the excess skin left over. Although the procedure was an unpleasant experience, Chaz is glad to have done it.

“That was a tough process. It’s not fun, but worth it because I look better now,” he said. “I feel really good. I feel healthier. I feel lighter. I feel more confident, and I feel really happy.”

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