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Chelsea Handler: I’m an honest comic

Chelsea Handler explains why she is so laid back.

The American comedian has discussed the secret to her success and why she is not afraid to poke fun at people.

Being funny isn’t always the easy, but the talk show thinks she has found the correct formula.

“It’s important for a comedian to have a POV, a point of view, and to be true to that. You can’t fake your personality, I guess that’s what differentiates most comics,” the presenter told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

“I like to take the pi*s out of everybody, myself included. I don’t take anything very seriously and that comes through in my show and the way I see things.

“My stand up is very – I don’t know how you would describe it – it’s observational but it’s self-observational and it’s self-deprecating definitely.”

The 39-year-old is leaving her show Chelsea Lately after seven years because she wants a fresh challenge. She explained that people who came on the programme new in no uncertain terms that they had to behave.

“They’re like a guest at your house, they would have to be real jackasses to misbehave,” explained Chelsea.

“It would be so easy to just eat them alive when you’re hosting your own talk show. Everybody’s always on their best behaviour.”

The star has been known to find herself at the heart of controversy. In 2010, when it came to light that Jennifer Aniston’s pal had been involved in making a sex tape, she was quick to have her say during an episode of Chelsea Lately.

“It was made as a joke,” confessed the star. “[I] put it on an audition tape for a comedy club, because I’m a comedienne, and I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for years.”

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