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Chelsea Handler regrets spending $200,000 on romantic tryst

Chelsea Handler has finally learned how to manage heartbreak.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler will always regret her "idiotic" decision to spend a six-figure sum to spend time with a former lover.

The 41-year-old U.S. television personality and actress once splashed out $200,000 (GBP137,000) to charter a plane for a romantic rendezvous, and to this day she wishes she could make the decision again.

Asked about the craziest thing she has ever done for love in the May (16) issue of America's Marie Claire magazine, Chelsea said, "(I) chartered a plane for $200,000 to meet him. I will never do that again. Idiotic behaviour."

Chelsea has experienced plenty of ups and downs in her romantic life within the past decade - she dated Ted Harbert, the current chairman of NBC, for almost four years until their split in 2010 before moving on to a failed on/off relationship with hotelier Andre Balazs, who she finally parted ways with in 2013. She also had a fling with rapper 50 Cent.

Despite a few major breakups, Chelsea has learned to remain positive about the failed romances.

"It gets better," she said. "Broken hearts turn into beautiful hearts."

And she's still open to a lasting love affair with a "generous, honest, affectionate" partner.

The former Chelsea Lately host has been very candid about her personal relationships in the past and during 2012 interview with Marie Claire magazine, she shared her strong opinions about why her romance with entertainment mogul Ted didn't pan out.

"I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show?’ and I’d be like, ‘No, I just came from my show. That’s the last thing I’d want to do'," she recalled. "That was the reason it didn’t work out, ultimately. I think."

And when it comes to her other major ex, Andre, Chelsea told U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres their partnership was simply too unstable to last.

"It’s very rocky, but I love him," she confessed.

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