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Chelsea Handler's star studded E! send off

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock roasted Chelsea Handler to mark the end of her talk show on E! last night.

The host has wrapped her E! series after just over seven years and will now be hosting a new show on Netflix.

Chelsea is famed for her straight-talking approach to interviewing stars, often poking fun at the people who sit on her sofa. This time around many of her pals turned the tables, with Jennifer, Sandra and Mary McCormack teaming up to give her a roasting.

Chelsea is open about how much she has enjoyed drinking during her life, prompting Mary to suggest she was using 'Netflix' as code for rehab.

"If you want to tell everyone you’re going to Netflix for a while, I think everyone will understand," she laughed. "Netflix is a wonderful facility where you’ll get all the help you need."

Jennifer was up next and didn't hold back at all. The two women are known to be good friends, with rumours Chelsea might even be one of Jennifer's bridesmaids when she ties the knot with Justin Theroux.

In the press a lot has been made about their close bond, which Jennifer played on for her bit.

"I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t cry, so this should be easy because I actually don’t even care anymore," she began.

"You steal everything I do. I went to Cabo, you went to Cabo. You stole my yoga teacher. I cut my hair, you cut your hair... That’s actually a copyright, so you owe me money.

"You’re filthy and I’m not talking about your language.

"Your desire to be me has made you too healthy in an unhealthy way. I miss the old Chelsea – the one who resembled a battered Gold Rush era hooker. We need you to be the best broken Chelsea you can be. We need you to do drugs and have international sex and we love you."

While that had the audience giggling, it was Sandra who stole the show. She played on her close friendship with George Clooney, before teasing Chelsea about her appearance.

"Dear George, your practical jokes are annoying... Sorry, I copied and pasted this format from my Clooney intervention," she began, before telling Chelsea she was worried about her mental wellbeing.

"I found your lesbian boots. Stop teasing the lesbian community and let them fly free...

"Steroids, really? Are you not masculine enough? The chin hair, the back acne? Spend some time Googling clitoral enlargement. This is why we don’t let you leave the house in your white skinny jeans."

Sandra then suggested Chelsea had been close to being "cool" once, but had messed it up by splitting with rapper 50 Cent. The rapper then came on stage, with Chelsea and him flirting their way through their segment.

"I haven’t seen you since we stopped seeing each other. I’m assuming your new album is about me?" she asked.

The whole show was a star-studded affair, with Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl, Gerard Butler, Fergie, LeAnn Rimes and Avril Lavigne among those who also appeared.

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