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Cher: I can still dream

Cher insists there is no age when people have "reached all their dreams".

The 67-year-old musician is promoting her album Closer to the Truth at the moment, her first release since 2001. She is going on tour to perform the tracks live and never expected to be back on stage at her age.

That said, there is still a lot she'd like to accomplish.

"I think there's no limit to dreams. You just got to keep 'em up and keep going," she told British magazine Glamour. "So yeah, of course I have things I'd like to do. I'm surprised when people say that to me - it's like at a certain age you must have reached all your dreams, and also at a certain age you must give up the dreams that you haven't finished yet. It's not true."

Although she doesn't like to dwell on the past, there are still things which the musician wishes hadn't happened. While she won't open up about them that much, she is happy to chat about things she is proud of. Cher is famed for her outlandish costumes and there are few that she would rethink if she had the chance.

"Psheet! How much time have you got? I'm not telling you what I regret, because I'm not blowing the whistle on myself," she laughed. "None of the costumes though... well, there were a couple where I think, 'Eww, that was not a good choice.'"

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