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Cheryl Cole: Royal family are so normal

Cheryl Cole says Britain's royal family is "really down to earth".

The singer has worked with Prince Charles for her charity The Cheryl Cole Foundation, which supports his organisation The Prince's Trust.

The Girls Aloud star also performed at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee concert this year and has admitted to having a crush on Prince Harry.

"He's just a great lad. You think of the royals sometimes and you think of them as untouchable I suppose, or like they're different to us. But they're actually really not, they're really down to earth. I love him," she told UK TV show Daybreak before talking about meeting the queen at the Jubilee concert. "[Having my picture taken with the queen] That was crazy. I had no idea she was going to stand there. Everyone was like, 'You're right behind the queen on TV.' So I had a good laugh about that."

Cheryl also discussed her admiration for Olympic diver Tom Daley. The singer tweeted the British bronze medallist after his success at the London 2012 Games and says she would love to swap lives with him for a day.

"[I would be] Tom Daley and swan-dive [if I could be a different star for a day]," she said before adding what super powers she would like to possess if she could be an action hero. "I'd definitely want the power to fly. And I would also want that motorbike that Catwoman has so I'd be able to whizz around wherever I wanted in the world."

Cheryl also hinted at a hotly-anticipated Girls Aloud reunion to celebrate their upcoming decade in showbiz.

"We have our tenth anniversary this year, which is insane if you think - it's a massive achievement. It's actually just exciting to be back, you know doing something. Our birthday is in November," she said with a wink.

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