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Chloë Grace Moretz admires Mila

Chloë Grace Moretz hates it when people ask her about "missing out" on a childhood.

The 16-year-old-actress is impressed with how her fellow Hollywood star handles herself in interviews. She also likes to be honest when answering questions and play along with jokes.

"I think Mila Kunis is a cool girl," she told BBC Radio 1. "I think some stars are like, 'Oh, my publicist said I don't have to answer this.'"

The young American star has had huge success in her career. She gets frustrated when she's asked about the negative aspects of fame, rather than focusing on her achievements.

"My worst question is: 'Do you think you missed out on a lot of childhood?' and I'm like, 'No, do you want me to go to rehab or something?' You have to have good people around you, because if you have one bad egg, then the whole thing can fall apart around you," she reflected.

Chloë stars in the upcoming remake of the classic horror film Carrie alongside Julianne Moore and is also promoting Kick-Ass 2.

She admits her work schedule can be full-on at times.

"The cool thing about our version of Carrie is that we focus on the mother and daughter relationship. We spent three weeks in one house making it, so it was pretty intense," she said.

"I'm literally everywhere this year, but by the end of the year I will have done six films and two press tours. Sometimes I have an overlap where two characters kind of cross."

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