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Chloë: I have an old soul

Chloë Grace Moretz doesn't like the "pressure" of being told she's mature.

The 17-year-old actress has made some educated career choices, starring in huge hits such as the Kick-Ass franchise and drama If I Stay.

She's avoided following the path of other troubled teen stars, but doesn't see herself as anything special.

"I don't think I'm wise beyond my years..." the modest actress admitted to Allure magazine. "I don't like the pressure of that.

"I have an old soul, so I can understand things that I don't think a lot of people can at my age."

Based on a book, If I Stay tells the story of young musician Mia, whose life changes when an accident leaves her in a coma. Chloë can relate to her onscreen alter ego as they are both so driven.

"She's a really strong character," the star said. "She has known her ambitions since she was five, like me."

Chloë was just eight when she starred in her first big film, The Amityville Horror. Breaking the business at such a young age means she knows how to handle herself around the Hollywood bigwigs.

"What normally happens is you walk into a room and you are at their mercy. Like, 'Whatever you want. I'm free. You can book me whenever you need. I will work out. I will vomit if you want me to. I will change my hair colour. I'll sleep with you. I'll do anything that needs to happen,'" she mimicked a desperate Hollywood wannabe.

"And I'm like, 'No.' I grew up with four brothers. They used to burn my dolls."

Chloë is certainly mixing with the A-list and is believed to be dating Victoria and David Beckham's eldest son, Brooklyn. One thing keeping her grounded is her mom.

"I have a lot of rules," she laughed, adding she's not allowed to sleep out much or go to parties.

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