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Chloë Moretz feels 'normal' with pals

Chloë Moretz likes being a "complete idiot" with friends when she isn't working.

The 15-year-old star has been acting for many years, first showing an interest in the business a decade ago. When she isn't on set Chloë insists she's like any other girl, and she never invites her pals to watch her working.

"No. And I don't bring them to premieres," she told the latest edition of UK InStyle, when asked if she brings her friends to set. "It's a different head zone: when I'm on set, I'm working. When I'm with my friends, I can just hang out, do normal stuff and generally be a complete idiot. It's the same with everyone."

Chloë doesn't think too far into the future, but she knows she is happy with her career. She hopes to keep making movies for many years to come.

"If things keep going the way they are, then hopefully I'll carry on for much longer," she said. "It's pretty simple: I love it and it makes me happy. And until it doesn't make me happy, I'll continue to do it."

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