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Chloë Moretz: My brothers keep me from dating

Chloë Moretz has revealed that her "abrasive" family is the reason she does not have a boyfriend.

The 15-year-old actress plays a runaway teen that flees from her abusive and alcoholic parents in upcoming movie Hick.

But Chloë says her real family is a lot more protective and is the reason she is not dating.

"Because of my four older brothers, it just doesn't go down," she told Seventeen magazine.

"I had a lot of friends and guys that I think are cute and stuff, but it doesn't really work out with the family and all. My family's a bit too big and a bit too abrasive."

Chloë also revealed that her mother had to confiscate her phone because she plays "video games more than any guy does."

"I just got my phone back yesterday," she revealed. "My mom had it for like two days. I was supposed to read a book and I really wanted to play Call of Duty."

"It's not like I want to go read the hot story in Cosmo No, I get caught playing video games."

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