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Chloë Sevigny: I'm a brave dater

Chloë Sevigny thinks she's been "courageous" by creating a fake email address to use for dating.

The actress-and-model is single at the moment but feels ready to meet someone. Many of her friends are hoping she will find the right person soon, with one taking her help to a whole new level.

"I've been very courageous lately. There's this thing on [classified site] Craigslist called Missed Connections where people see you on the street and try to get in touch," she told Psychologies magazine.

"My friend is obsessed with it and reads them all day long. One day she rang me and said, 'Someone wrote to you on Missed Connections! Set up a fake email account [under a false name] and you can meet with him.' And I did. And it was no good. But I think I was courageous to try."

Chloë's mother worries about her constantly. The 37-year-old star has been in therapy and her mom blames "her sadness" on herself.

She is also convinced Chloë is not enjoying life enough. Although she means well, Chloë sometimes finds it hard to explain to her mom that they are just very different people.

"She says things like, 'You should go to more bars. You can always meet people in bars.' I mean, she just wants us [Chloë and her brother] to be happy," she explained.

"But I get frustrated because every time we're on the phone she'll ask me, 'Are you having fun? Are you having fun? Are you having fun?' Mom, I'm having fun, all right? Why does it have to be about having fun all the time? I think I become so serious around her because she's so giddy and silly. And we've had this whole role reversal because I'm been taking care of her [financially] since my dad died, so it gets complex because of that."

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