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Chloë Sevigny likes to be neat

Chloë Sevigny "spirals into a rage" when there is too much garbage around.

There are certain things the 37-year-old star can't tolerate, and one of the main things is excess clutter. She gets particularly irritated when the space around her on TV or movie sets is untidy.

"When people are inept. On set, if I say, 'Will you bring me a cup of tea,' and then they bring me three cups and five napkins and four stirrers and two teabags and a lid. Garbage gives me anxiety. I'm very green. That will make me spiral into a rage. So then they're p**sed off because I have my loose tea, my strainer and my mug and I have to do it all myself," she told Psychologies magazine.

Chloë knows she can get carried away sometimes. Things irrationally annoy her, which she blames on her biological make-up.

"I'm passive aggressive. I have low blood sugar, too, and can get a little nasty," she said.

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