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Chloë Sevigny: My Craigslist date disaster

Chloë Sevigny doesn't like thinking about her "promiscuous years".

The 40-year-old star has no problem talking about the highs and lows of her love life, which has included some long term romances and some non-starters. One of her most embarrassing moments came when she agreed to meet a guy who'd posted a message about her online. He'd used classified advertising website Craigslist to ask her out, writing in a section for people who'd spotted a stranger they liked.

“’We passed on 2nd Avenue and you looked at me,' or something like that. 'And we had a moment, or a connection,' or whatever you say," she laughed to British magazine Marie Claire.

"My friend [answered it]. And I met him. It was really weird. We met at Panya, a Japanese bakery. It's, like, counter service, so it was the least amount of commitment. It was just awkward. I was like, 'This is a really weird, desperate moment for me. What was I thinking?'"

Love is often on Chloë's mind, with the star revealing the two things she and her pals talk about the most are whether they should get Botox and if they need to break up with their boyfriends.

Despite that she is still going strong with her partner of two years, art director Rene Navarrette. Before that she enjoyed other romances as well as a period of singledom she isn't so excited to remember.

"I've had some long-term relationships, like a five-year [with director Harmony Korine] and an eight-year [with musician Matthew McAuley], but between both of those I was swinging single with some years I'm not proud of; some promiscuous years," she explained.

"Well, especially after the last relationship, the eight-year one. I was really hurt and I did that thing that you often do, where you blaze through a bunch of... not what you often do, but what some women find themselves doing, which is sleeping around."

The model-and-actress is quick to point out she doesn't advise others to follow in her footsteps. While kissing is fine, she reminds people to always put their safety first.

"It was fun - I mean, I never want to advocate anyone to be promiscuous - but, in a safe way... I mean... Not sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry, but, like, making out. And having lots of dates, with rich men, and poor men, and young men. And, you know, kind of mixing it up. It was fun, but it was also tragic and lonely," she said.

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