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Chloë Sevigny obsessed by fairies

Chloë Sevigny used to love "flowers and fairies" when she was a little girl.

The model-and-actress has discussed the books which have had the biggest effect on her. She loved reading Thumbelina when she was a small child because it included so many things she was intrigued by.

"This was my favourite book as a child. It's a tale about a little girl, a very little girl - the size of a thumb, in fact! She lives among the flowers and is supposed to marry a horrible frog, but she manages to escape from him and goes to live with some mice instead," Chloë enthused.

"In the end she meets a prince her size and gets a pair of wings and everyone's happy. I was a very girlie girl, into flowers and fairies and whatnot, and here were all the things that I loved in one book."

As she got older, Chloë's tastes diversified. She enjoyed reading Jim Carroll's tome The Basketball Diaries, which is a collection of the journals he wrote between the ages of 13 and 16. It includes details of his high school life, girls he liked and his heroin addiction.

"In high school, I got really into books about New York," she told the latest edition of UK magazine Elle. "There was a romance surrounding it for me because I grew up in Darien, Connecticut, a small, safe, suburban town, which was very boring. So this book about a kid stealing, hustling and getting high was a way for me to escape into a dangerous, glamorous city."

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