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Chloë Sevigny unsure about accent

Chloë Sevigny is worried that her Irish accent is appalling.

The actress plays a transgender woman from the country in her TV show Hit & Miss. She is nervous people won't find her voice convincing.

"I'm really terrible with accents so that scared me," she admitted. "I had a very talented voice coach and I watched The Magdalene Sisters over and over again. Sandra [the coach] gave me a compilation of different Irish people she interviewed just talking about their lives. You have to train your ears to it. I'm still not sure it was very good."

The TV show was shot in Manchester, UK, and Chloë had a hard time while she was there. She was lonely as she had no friends and she wasn't prepared for the constant wet weather either.

"The weather was terrible. I was like, 'What do we do? Do we wait for the rain to stop?' They just said, 'No, we just shoot through the rain, we party through the rain, we live through the rain because it's not going to stop,'" she laughed to UK magazine Grazia.

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