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Chris Colfer has anxiety bats

Glee star Chris Colfer has been battling "raging bats" in his stomach ahead of the release of his novel.

The actor has worked on The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell since he was ten. Now it is finally available to buy, he is feeling anxious about the public's reaction to his fairy tale story.

"[I'm] so excited. I have these raging bats in my stomach, which are like butterflies, but a little more anxious," he told MTV News. "It's been probably one of the most difficult processes I've ever had to do writing the book, recording the audio book and also the absolute most nerve-wracking [part]: have other people read it and it going out into the world and knowing that it's going to be in most of the bookstores... it's nerve-wracking. I feel like little bits of my soul are being shipped domestically."

Chris - who plays Kurt Hummel in Glee - has recalled developing his idea for the book when he was growing up. The story follows twins who find themselves in an enchanted world after they fall down a rabbit hole.

The 22-year-old star insists he has always had a vivid imagination.

"I was obsessed with fairy tales, and I was a very, very inquisitive kid, and I would ask my mom all kinds of questions. It all kind of formed a story in my head, and I really wanted to be a published author when I was ten," he explained. "It's always been the same story. Every single character has always been the same since then. There were some lines I remember writing when I was ten that stayed with me, along with the story, that I made sure were in the book as well. Like, I knew it had to start with 'Once upon a time.'"

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