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Chris Colfer: I break rules

Glee actor Chris Colfer was told he would never succeed if he played a gay character when he first came to Hollywood.

The 23-year-old openly gay star shot to fame playing Kurt Hummel in US TV show Glee, but was initially warned against portraying a homosexual on screen. Chris ignored the advice and has enjoyed great success with the role, winning a host of awards including a Golden Globe in 2011.

“There are many rules I guess I have broken. When I first came to Hollywood, people said, ‘Don’t do a gay role for your first one because you always get typecast the rest of your career and you will never win an award. You will never get any praise and you will never get a strong female following.’ So now I am like, ‘Oh really?’” Chris laughed to UK TV show This Morning. “Because my book signing I went to yesterday, there were a thousand girls! So that was interesting…

“I was so excited to do something that I thought, ‘I am going to do it. Maybe no one’s ever done it well enough, you know.’ I went in with that attitude.”

Chris also spoke about the next season of Glee.

He couldn’t give away any teasers about the upcoming storylines because he has no idea what will be happening to the characters.

“I am just about to go into production for season five; I start shooting at the end of July. No idea what happens, no clue,” the star explained. “We only find out when we get the scripts a week before.”

He went on to discuss his plans for the future. The talented star has already written a series of popular children’s books and penned the screenplay for coming-of-age comedy Struck by Lightning, but still has many other ambitions to fulfil.

“Many more movies, a few more books,” Chris replied when asked what else he wants to do with his career. “I have written three books, but I still have more I want to do. “

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