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Chris Colfer: I need to stop sneaking

Chris Colfer has started to realise he will be recognised wherever he goes.

The Glee star was recently spotted at politician Hillary Clinton’s book signing in LA.

Admitting that meeting one of the world’s most powerful women is something he has always wanted to do, Chris didn’t care who saw him greet the former US Secretary of State.

“Me trying to sneak in someplace means it’ll be a story on the homepage of every website ever. So I felt bad because I just wanted to sneak in, but that serves me right,” he told Access Hollywood.

Despite Hillary not realising who had popped in to meet her until Chris, who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee, reached her table, many adoring fans had already clocked who he was.

Some of the same fans from around the world who recently panicked when the Glee star got hacked on Twitter. An intruder posted a tweet telling his more than two million followers that he had been “let go” from the hit TV show.

“Some jerk hacked me,” Chris admitted on Good Morning America.

“It was a pain. It really was.”

To the delight of his many adoring fans, Chris’ team had put an end to the false rumour before Chris, who was on a plane at the time of the hack, had landed.

“I was on a plane, so as soon as I had landed it had been pretty much taken care of by my people,” he explained to Access Hollywood.

Right now, Chris’ fans have a lot to be grateful for as the singer has just released his new book, The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning, which is the latest in his series of bestselling children’s tomes.

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