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Chris Colfer: I was harassed

Chris Colfer says he was teased relentlessly as a young boy.

The 22-year-old actor portrays homosexual high school student Kurt Hummel in musical television show Glee but initial had his eye on playing wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams.

And he tells men's fashion website Mr Porter that despite him not getting the role, show creator Ryan Murphy saw through his awkwardness and invented a character specifically for him.

In fact, Chris says that although he did well in high school theatre he was bullied for being overweight, having a squeaky voice and for being gay.

"I was harassed at school every day, called 'f****t,' I had things taped to my back," Chris revealed.

He said he didn't tell his family because his sister had epilepsy and he didn't want to burden his parents.

"For most of my adolescence I was in my bedroom writing or watching things I shouldn't be watching on TV," he shared.

"I was obsessed with superheroes. I had this thing where I wanted to be rescued. The other kids wanted to be Superman, but I thought Lois Lane kind of had the best deal.

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