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Chris Colfer: I'm too squeaky

Chris Colfer worries he will "freak his fans out" by being too high pitched.

The Glee star often fears he is a disappointment to his admirers when he meets them. Chris has a deep-rooted desire to please everybody and gets anxious when things don't go right.

"[It makes me feel] nervous, because I'm always afraid that I'm going to say the wrong thing or I'm going to stutter or do something [like] be really high-pitched and freak [my fans] out, or do something that's going to ruin the moment with them wanting to meet me," Chris told Access Hollywood. "That's my biggest fear. I never want to disappoint anybody."

The 22-year-old portrays Kurt Hummel in musical TV show Glee. His well thought out and touching portrayal of the gay character won him a Golden Globe Award.

In the upcoming fourth season of the all-singing, all-dancing series, Chris will star alongside a host of acting greats including Sarah Jessica Parker. Chris realises Sex and the City is what Sarah Jessica is best known for, but he prefers some of her movie work.

"[It's] crazy! I'm a huge fan of SJP," Chris said.

"I was a big Sex and the City fan - probably not as big as some people were, but I am a huge fan - but I am more excited that the hot witch from Hocus Pocus is coming on the show. That movie, I worshipped. I was obsessed with that movie!"

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