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Chris considers world domination

Chris Hemsworth is glad his brothers Liam and Luke have no plans to "take over the universe".

The Australian star is the middle child to younger sibling Liam and older brother Luke, who are also both actors.

Unlike in his new film Thor: The Dark World, where his character's brother Loki has an evil streak, Chris admits in real life his siblings are more relaxed and focused on the smaller things in life.

"Neither of them wants to take over the universe, just yet, but I think I'd have the same reaction if they did," he laughed to Cover Media at the film's global press conference. "We're competitive as siblings with everything from sport... back yard cricket, football, surfing to who's controlling the remote control watching TV.

"This industry, not so much. Certainly all three of us have this kind of frailty, consistency of the work. We help each other with auditions and always have and whatever scripts we're working on. You're not in direct competition anyway. It's more of a team effort than anything else."

Chris credits his on-screen love interest Natalie Portman for breaking up the "godly testosterone" between himself and screen brother Tom Hiddleston on set.

The brunette actress in return loved filming in fantasy world Asgard, which her character Jane Foster didn't get an opportunity to visit in the first film.

"It was exciting to get to come back and work with everyone and meet people who were joining this time, and also because Jane gets to go to Asgard this time I was lucky enough to get to work with Tom and test scenes with Rene [Russo] and Anthony [Hopkins] too, who were amazing, and I just got to admire from afar," Natalie gushed. "And also just continue the fun rapport with Kat [Dennings] and Stellan [Skarsgård] and Chris. There was definitely a lot of laughing, maybe too much laughing, on set."

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