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Chris Evans: Arrogance is a turn-off

Chris Evans would love it if a woman approached him for a date.

The 33-year-old actor is currently thought to be single, following the end of his relationship with Minka Kelly last year. He knows what he wants out of future relationships though, including that it would be nice for a prospective girlfriend to do the running.

"I hate arrogance, so don't pretend that you know everything. Someone open-minded always inspires me," he told British magazine Cosmopolitan.

"Hey, if you ask me out that's fantastic. Men worry about looking desperate too! It's awkward, but if you're bold and daring, who knows what might happen?"

With people's attention now turning to the upcoming festive season, Chris chatted about what his perfect Christmas date would be. He would love to go sledding and build a snowman, as he believes snow instantly makes things more romantic.

If he meets someone during sunnier seasons, the star would also go for an outdoors date. He believes they take the pressure off, plus there is plenty of time to get romantic over a meal if the relationship goes the distance.

"Let's take this outside. It's more interesting being active than sitting across a dinner table. One of my best dates was walking along Santa Monica Pier. We walked, talked and watched the ocean all night," he reminisced.

Earlier this year Chris discussed the ways in which he's grown up over the last few years. While he still likes a good time, he's found he prefers more relaxed evenings these days.

"In your 20s you think, 'How will I ever not like going out?' You have drinks, buddies, music – great! But in the last two or three years, I go to a club and then I kind of wish I was home," he told British magazine Glamour.

"My idea of a good time has evolved a bit, so a night out with me might not be as exciting as it might have been a couple of years ago."

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