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Chris Evans: TFI is like World Cup

Chris Evans insists he is “a lot more relaxed and stable” since he first presented cult TV show TFI Friday.

The presenter is thrilled to see his iconic TV series return to the small screen tonight, 19 years after it first launched. Chris has been busy putting the final touches to the one-off special, comparing the opportunity to a high-profile football game.

“It’s like David Beckham getting to the age of 49 and then being asked if he wants to play not in a charity match but the World Cup final,” Chris told British newspaper The Sun.

“And it really is the World Cup final — that’s what it feels like for me.”

Rumours have been circulating about which celebrity guests will be appearing, with Chris recently denying feuding brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher will be reuniting for the show.

Liam will feature along with Happy Monday frontman Shaun Ryder, while BBC Radio 1 favourite Nick Grimshaw will be the resident DJ.

Chris was renowned for his marathon party sessions during the 90s, but insists he has mellowed since he first presented the cult show.

“I am so excited. We’re not just getting TFI Friday back, we’re getting the whole week leading up to it. I’ve got the whole experience back,” he beamed. “The only thing that has changed is me. I am a lot more relaxed. I am a lot happier. I have less hair but most of it is painted orange by my hairdresser!

“I’m a bit more sane and lot more stable. Also, I know what the show is. I never used to know what the bl**dy show was because we were so seat-of-our-pants. That’s how it ended, anyway…

“It is like going to a party — you sort of remember the end and the beginning but you forget about the middle.

“My interpretation of it was that we must have just been larking around but we weren’t. I’ve been watching clips and it is almost always joyous. People say they expect to see me having a good time.”

Jeremy Clarkson will be making an appearance following his departure from BBC TV show Top Gear. A segment previously slated for the popular car series will also feature in tonight’s episode.

“We will be doing one or two of what might end up being the last recorded laps around the Top Gear track,” Chris revealed. “It’s the same camera crew who filmed every week on Top Gear who did our lap.”

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