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Chris Hemsworth: I might go wild

Chris Hemsworth understands how people “get lost” in the world of showbiz.

The 29-year-old hunk says his wife Elsa Pataky and their baby daughter India Rose keep him grounded. Chris plays charismatic Formula One racing driver James Hunt in new movie Rush. The star laughs that although he may seem clean living at the moment, anything could happen in the future.

“When you’re addicted to adrenalin you need an outlet, and for those guys it was party. I’ve seen plenty of that in this business, and been part of it, too. I can see how people get lost in that world,” he told the latest edition of UK magazine Marie Claire.

“Getting a taste of fame in Australia when I was younger got it out of my system, so by the time I got to LA [in 2009], work was the bigger focus. Talk to me next year and I might have fallen off the rails!”

Chris also addressed sibling rivalry in his family. His older brother Luke is a TV star in Australia, while his younger brother Liam features in The Hunger Games franchise.

While Chris likes competing against his siblings in certain areas, they are nothing but supportive when it comes to their careers.

“We tend to be competitive in everything else, like sport. Because of the inconsistency and amount of time we’ve all spent at some point not working and feeling depressed, you’re able to celebrate a win for all of you,” the Thor star said. “Besides, we’re not in direct competition. It’s a matter of who the casting director wants that day – it’s completely out of your control.”

Chris revealed he is fiercely protective of 23-year-old Liam. The young star has made the headlines in recent months following speculation that his engagement to singer-and-actress Miley Cyrus is on the rocks. Chris is pleased that Liam doesn’t pay attention to gossip and is focused on his work.

“We all do because he’s the youngest,” he explained when asked if he feels protective over Liam. “But he’s pretty strong-minded. I’m probably more susceptible to opinions and outside influence but he’s good at doing what he wants to do – I’ve always admired that.

“I don’t know if he needs or wants my advice, but I’ll throw it out there occasionally.”

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