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Chris O'Dowd: I don't look weird

Chris O'Dowd admits he hasn't always had a way with the ladies, and has revealed his worst ever date.

The Irish funnyman shot to international fame thanks to his role in hit comedy Bridesmaids, and has since acquired a sex symbol status.

Chris doesn't quite know how to take it when people admit to having a "weird" attraction to him.

"A lot of people will tweet, 'I know this is weird but I kind of fancy you.' And I'm like 'It's not that f**king weird!' It's as if they are saying I know this is really weird, but I really fancy this bath of vomit that I just fell into," he quipped in an interview with British magazine Heat.

Chris is happily married to wife Dawn O'Porter, but admits he hasn't always had a way with the opposite sex.

The 33-year-old star revealed the worst date he's ever been on.

"This is terrible. I met this girl in London and she was about to go to medical school in Chicago and I was going over and working in LA at the time. We got on well, had a bit of a kiss and I went on email, 'Well I'm going back to London, maybe I could pop by Chicago on the way," he explained.

"She said it would be really romantic, so I arrived at the airport really excited and I thought things were going pretty well, and then she picked me up with her boyfriend!"

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