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Chris O'Dowd: Pitt has milk with movies

Chris O'Dowd can imagine Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie watching his film with "a pint of warm milk".

The Irish actor bumped into Hollywood's hottest leading man at the BAFTAs this year.

At the event, Brad admitted to being a huge fan of Chris' comedy The Sapphires.

"I met Brad Pitt at the BAFTAs!" he told the BBC.

"I was sitting behind him actually, we were just finding our chairs and I just said, 'Good luck tonight.' And he was like, 'Hey man, I loved your film, we've seen it like four times.' And I was like 'we', that's probably you and Angie, sitting down with a pint of warm milk."

In The Sapphires, Chris plays talent scout Dave who discovers, and later manages, an indigenous Australian girlband.

His character is known to enjoy a drink - something Chris can relate to.

The actor married British TV presenter Dawn Porter in August and did his best to behave at their wedding.

"You know what, I was OK to a point and I think the adrenaline, which I thought would be a sobering influence, turned out not to be true," he revealed.

"I got some blackouts from after midnight. I thought I was fine! That's not so drunk for me... The next day I said to Dawn, 'I think I was actually OK.' And she said, 'No, no you were great, it was fine. I was surprised by how long you wore the crown.' And I just had no recollection of wearing the crown. I had it on for two hours. Why was there a crown?! I think it came with the photo booth or something!"

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