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Saturday 19 April 2014

Chris O'Dowd proud of wife's name

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd says his wife's decision to add a vowel from his surname onto her own was enough for him.

The Irish Bridesmaids actor met British TV star Dawn Porter in Los Angeles in 2009.

The couple married last August and, rather than taking her husband's name, Dawn meshed their surnames switching from Porter to O'Porter.

"I feel privileged to be somewhere in there at least," Chris joked to UK TV show Daybreak. "We had a three day wedding. We over counted. It was a blast and she looked very handsome, which was a nice change! Yes I did wear a onesie. What you can't see from that picture is that I had my wedding dress on underneath that onesie. That was taken on the wedding comedown day."

The comedian is promoting his new TV sitcom Family Tree that starts on UK TV later this month. He revealed it's unlike anything he's done before, and involves unscripted work and improvisation.

"I've started this new show in which I've been left by my girlfriend and I go on a course of bad dates. This girl thinks that dinosaurs still exist in the first episode!" he exclaimed. "It's fun when improvising because you don't know what the other person will say. There is a paragraph of text given to you about each scene. You'll get something like, 'You'll meet a girl in a bar.' It's exciting but terrifying and I think it's great. It feels liberating when you're being funny, witty and charming but when you're stumbling over your own face... it's not so fun. You have good days and bad days."

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