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Chris O'Dowd talks Megan Fox scenes

Chris O'Dowd never envisaged himself "losing it" during a pool scene with Megan Fox, so didn't feel the need to tell his wife about it.

The Bridesmaids actor stars in This Is 40 alongside Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and sex siren Megan.

Chris stars in a number of scenes with the brunette beauty, which he strategically hid from wife Dawn O'Porter.

"I think I probably didn't mention it," he quipped when asked how he told his partner about filming a pool scene with Megan in the comedy.

"No," he added when asked if there was a "sit-down conversation" about it. "I mean, it's not like I'm 11-years-old - like I'm just going to get into the pool and lose it!"

Chris has become somewhat of a sex symbol after his turn in hit comedy Bridesmaids.

The 33-year-old actor doesn't feel "comfortable" with his heartthrob status, and finds it "weird" most of the time.

"It kind of gets in the way of being funny most of the time," he quipped in an interview with British magazine Heat. "So I've stopped exercising and I've started taking roles that women will find unattractive. I've got a lot of bad guys coming up."

Chris is still getting used to his celebrity status. The funnyman says his attempts to befriend fellow stars doesn't always work.

"I went through a phase of tweeting Kim Kardashian," he laughed. "I would tweet things like: 'Where's your jacket from?' and not reference it with a photo. She never replied."

Chris added that he's had "loads" of surreal celebrity moments.

"I was having dinner in LA with [This Is 40 co-star] Jason Segel and this guy came over and asked for his photo and I thought, 'That's f**king Clint Eastwood! Jesus!' That was weird. I also met Brad Pitt at the BAFTAs."

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