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Chris O'Dowd: Wife's name is touching

Chris O'Dowd thinks it's cool that his wife only took on part of his last name.

Chris wed British TV personality Dawn in 2012. Instead of following tradition and taking his surname, Dawn decided to add the O on to her own, becoming O'Porter.

Comedian Chris didn't believe her when she suggested it, but he's ended up loving this quirky approach to a married moniker.

"You know, I thought she was joking when she mentioned it at first. And then I just thought it was so cool," Chris admitted to the American edition of Esquire magazine. "I mean she got a lot of stick for it in the UK. I think the people thought it was a silly celebrity thing or something.

"She's a feminist, so she didn't want to give her name away. But she also thought she wanted to take something of her husband's, you know, and the O is hugely meaningful. O only exists in Ireland. So you're taking on my nationality as part of your name. I found it very touching. I would have loved if we were both called O'Porter."

The Irish funnyman has fast become one of the hottest names in Hollywood, thanks to roles in movies such as Bridesmaids and Thor: The Dark World.

Although he's quickly adapted to the showbiz world, one thing 34-year-old Chris can't abide by is celebrities who don't play up to what's expected of them. When quizzed about being a great chat show guest, Chris explains that he always prepares a funny anecdote to share.

"This is a piece of entertainment that's going out to the people. I feel the same way about it when people on award shows are like, 'Oh, I didn't prepare a speech.' I'm like, what did you turn up for then?

"I don't understand entertainers not being prepared to entertain. Otherwise, you're literally just there to be honoured. Which is contemptible. 'Oh, my God, I never expected to win,' well, there was a 20 per cent chance. It's not like they just gave it to the janitor. Self-indulgent ****."

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