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Chris Pine amazed by Lohan interest

Chris Pine is baffled by the amount of press attention his former co-star Lindsay Lohan receives.

The 32-year-old actor reprises his role as James T. Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness. Chris worked with Lindsay on Just My Luck, and still doesn't understand the level of interest surrounding her - even after working on such a high-profile movie franchise.

"Not even a fraction of it - and I still don't get how Lindsay deals with it. I have never, nor will I ever, experience the kind of intense scrutiny that she is under," he told British newspaper The Mirror when asked if he ever gets a glimpse of Lindsay's level of fame thanks to the Star Trek movies.

"I can tell you that it is like being a member of The Beatles. You cannot fathom the kind of attention she gets."

Chris has starred in a string of movies, including Smokin' Aces, Unstoppable and This Means War alongside Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy.

Despite his rising profile, Chris never focuses on his fame.

"It's weird... I've never really had those moments," he laughed. "I know, lame or what! I guess it's because I've got a family who I'm very close to and they would never let me get into that frame of mind.

"[The fans and paparazzi is] all very strange and surreal. For the most part, I'm still quite low key and under the radar. I'm never hounded as such, so when it does happen to me, it is incredibly surprising."

Chris also revealed his future career goals. The star - who almost turned down his role in the Star Trek movies - hopes to continue doing a variety of new projects.

"I really don't have a plan and have a wide range of interests. I would love to do more theatre, musicals... everything," he smiled.

"I would like to do more low-budget films after the last two years. I just want to keep up the variety."

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