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Chris Pine: Call me Ryan Reynolds

Chris Pine feels “incredibly lucky” to have had the opportunities he has had, even if he does still get mistaken for other actors.

The Into the Woods actor is one of the most handsome faces in Hollywood having starred in the Star Trek movies as well as Horrible Bosses 2. But despite his success, fans can still get him confused with other stars.

“Someone wanted me to sign Ryan Reynolds head shot today,” he laughed to Vanity Fair while attending the Sundance Film Festival. When asked if he agreed to do it, he added, “I did. I just let it ride. I haven’t been here in so long it takes a little while to get used to being thrown into that. It’s the tall thing, ‘he’s tall he has brown hair, follow him!’”

Despite the odd case of mistaken identity, the 34-year-old is just pleased to have the opportunity to appear in big budget films as well as smaller productions. Chris certainly doesn’t take his success for granted as he explained during the interview.

“I’m incredibly lucky and I’m sure you’ve heard that before from I would hope many of us who have had some success in the business because it is so hard,” he confessed. “The business does not care about ones heart or ones desires or ones sense of where one should be.”

As well as his star turn in Into the Woods, Chris was also given the task of announcing this year’s Oscar nominations. And while he loves the awards, he thinks the industry needs to reign things in a little bit.

“I love the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood. I wish there was only the Academy Awards, I wish there was just that,” he admitted. “I think we’ve now gone into this gross land of, if people think we’re narcissists from the get go they must just think we’re a bunch of.... I don’t know. I love the Academy Awards, there’s something just very elegant, I had a great time and to be part of history.”

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