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Chris Pine: I'll have fun in Cannes

Chris Pine has promised to share photos of the "mantivities" he gets up to at the Cannes Film Festival.

The 31-year-old actor has confirmed he'll be appearing in a comedy called Mantivities, which he has written with some friends.

Although the screenplay is already completed, Chris is open to adding new material. He's joked that any high jinks which occur at the famed French movie event might just make it into the picture.

"I will be engaged in many mantivities while I'm here, I will indeed," he laughed to USA Today.

"I love it here. It's my first time and I don't know when I'll be back. So I'm going to eat up as much as possible I will send back photos."

Chris teamed up with pals including Will Greenberg from Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy actor Robert Baker to work on the new movie. None of the group can believe the film is finally going ahead.

"We're super excited, we finally got some people to give us money for it, thank God," Chris laughed.

The movie is about a group of men who want to make their friend more responsible, something Chris doesn't need lessons in.

He's previously admitted he isn't the typical A-list star as he doesn't really like partying.

"Yeah, there were lots of strippers and lots of drugs I'm joking," he laughed when asked about his 30th birthday. "Actually, I saw a lot of friends, drank some great red wine, had a nice dinner. Although I'm like a premature grandfather. It gets to 2am and I kind of hit a wall, and I can usually only handle three drinks anyway."

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