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Chris Pine: I'm a shower singer

Chris Pine likes to sing in the shower for 15 to 20 minutes.

The 34-year-old star may be known for his big-screen outings in movies like Star Trek, but he has a sweet singing voice too. He was called on to demonstrate this during a US talk show this week, where he gave a few bars of Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra.

He then opened up about where he's most likely to be found showing off his vocals.

"It's the acoustics. Right? You just sound better in the shower," he told host Ellen DeGeneres.

"It's like your own music video. You feel all tremendous. First you soap up, then you do your business, then you have 15 - 20 minutes of singing. It's very normal."

Ellen replied: "Wow. We have a drought in California. You should not be in the shower that long."

It's fitting that Chris loves singing so much, as his latest movie is a musical. He portrays Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods, which is based on a Broadway play about a number of famous fairytales.

He performed Fly Me to the Moon for his audition, but explained even he isn't above a bout of nerves.

"I think I can carry a tune. Obviously in the shower, the acoustics are maybe better than you are," he said. "I auditioned for Rob Marshall [director] in his living room, and he was very kind, noticed that I was very nervous. He and his partner, John, joined me in singing the song, and that kind of made me feel more comfortable."

Ellen also quizzed Chris on his private life, with the star confirming he's single at the moment. To the audience's delight, the talk show host then attempted to get him a date by projecting a huge picture of him shirtless onto a screen, before asking if he exercised a lot.

"Ellen, that's a lot of fake tanning," he laughed. "Yeah [really]. For the movies you gotta look healthy."

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