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Chris Pine's garbage ambition

Chris Pine didn't even consider being an actor when he was a child.

The 33-year-old's mother and father were both actors, so he has been surrounded by the industry his whole life. When he was a youngster he didn't pay much attention to his parents' jobs though.

"I wanted to be a garbage truck driver, until I was about six!" he laughed to British magazine Heat.

"I think because I was so close to it, I never thought about it. It was not a romantic thing... mine was a workaday actor's child's existence. But later, in college, I found it was a way to occupy myself and then I found out that I really liked it."

Chris' mom and dad have been totally supportive of his job. He can only remember one occasion when his mother seemed unsure about his career choice.

"They're really, really stoked. Although my mom... I remember the first play I ever did in college, I saw her backstage and she looked at me and she was like, 'Are you sure you don't want to be a lawyer?'" he recalled.

Chris' latest film is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, in which he portrays the young covert CIA analyst. The character has been portrayed by Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck, among others, in the past and Chris got some tips from Alec before the cameras started rolling.

"Yeah, I talked to Alec," he laughed. "We ran into each other in New York, doing the voiceover [for their movie Rise of the Guardians]. He just kinda grabbed me and said, 'Do it! Do it!'"

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