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Chris Pratt: I stress about being serious

Chris Pratt sometimes worries that success will make him more cautious when it comes to interviews.

The American actor had a mammoth 2014, which saw him cement his role as a fully-fledged film star.

Far from revelling in his success, Chris has found himself agonising about the effect it may have on his personality.

"I sometimes worry that it might make me less open and enthusiastic when it comes to meeting people or doing interviews," Chris confided to Total Film magazine.

"Even though things are going very well now, I don't want to become the kind of guy who takes himself so seriously simply because he's suddenly found some success."

One of Chris' most popular films last year was The Lego Movie. He voiced miniature hero Emmet, with the movie appealing to children and big kids alike.

Later this year the eagerly-anticipated next instalment of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, hits cinema screens with Chris playing Owen in the dino flick.

Away from work he's busy with son Jack, two, and his wife Anna Faris. The 35-year-old is happier than ever and isn't taking anything for granted.

"It's been beyond anything I had a reasonable right to dream about. I've gone from being a guy living out of a van in Hawaii with not a cent to my name and no real idea about what I was going to do with my life to becoming a movie star with a beautiful wife and child. I'm a very happy guy," he beamed.

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