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Chris Pratt: I’m going to lose my marriage

Chris Pratt refuses to put career obligations before family.

The 35-year-old Parks and Recreation actor has seen his career boom in recent years.

Chris is currently promoting his new film Jurassic World, shooting The Magnificent Seven and is also attached to forthcoming sci-fi adventure Passengers.

But the star won’t allow himself to get too busy with career obligations, as his marriage to wife Anna Faris is far more important to him.

"When I'm done with the third movie, I have to take time off," he told USA Today. "I'm going to lose my marriage. And if something else comes up — I have to take a break, be present, and be supportive of Anna while she's working on her show [CBS' Mom]. She works her [butt] off and goes home and is parenting our son while I'm out of state."

Chris and Anna, who have been married for nearly six years, are parents to son Jack, who turns three in August.

And when asked how he balances fatherhood with his busy career, Chris was impressed by the inquiry.

"Thank you for asking me that question. No one ever asks me that question. They ask her that all the time," he noted. "Schedule is the main focus. Making sure that everything is very well thought out and planned out, essentially slashing spontaneity and taking that out of our lives. Making time to be present with Anna and Jack and making that a priority.

"I lean a lot on Anna to basically come out to where I'm filming every third week, when she has a week off from Mom. She's going to be travelling with a baby to come see me. We have to be prepared to make sacrifices. If that means you don't do a job that you really want to do, you don't do it."

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