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Chris Pratt: My looks landed me lead role

Chris Pratt can relate to his Jurassic World character's fascination with reptiles.

The American star is now one of the most in-demand actors on the planet thanks to his impressive performances.

But it was his dashing looks that earned him a role in Rae Dawn Chong's short horror, Cursed Part 3, back in 2000.

“It was truly destiny. We needed one another. She happened to need a lead actor for her movie and deep down inside I had this longing to go to Hollywood if I could just find a way in," he recalled to British newspaper The Sun.

“Her exact words were, ‘You’re cute - do you act?’ and I was like, ‘F**k, yeah. Put me in your movie,’ and then she said, ‘I’m serious; I can give you an audition.’ And I was like, ‘Good,’ and I didn’t even have a phone at the time.”

Chris was working as waiter when Rae came into his restaurant as a customer. He admits he doesn't know what life would be like today, had they not met.

His latest film is Jurassic Word, the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise. Chris plays Owen, a member of staff at the site, who jumps into action when the dinosaurs begin attacking guests.

The actor can relate to his alter ego's fascination with the prehistoric reptiles, referencing his own pets over the years.

“I had a couple of frilled neck dragons and I created this really amazing ecosystem for them," Chris smiled.

“I got this pump that would be on a timer which would squirt water on to a hotplate which would create steam and I had all these lights on timers.”

The success doesn't stop there for Chris though; he's rumoured to be taking on the lead role in the new batch of Indiana Jones movies. The title part was previously helmed by Harrison Ford and although Chris hasn't confirmed rumours, he's open to the part.

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