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Chris Pratt worries about 'spacism'

Chris Pratt wouldn't change a thing about his past, and says that his new movie role is part Indiana Jones, part Han Solo.

The American hunk coined the term - part space, part racism - in reference to his portrayal of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he's been compared to Han Solo played by Harrison Ford in the Star Wars movies.

He also concedes that Harrison's other most famous screen incarnation, Indiana Jones, also influenced the sci-fi character. Despite the comparisons, Star-Lord has been confirmed to appear in the next Avengers instalment, something that Chris is thrilled about.

"That's very Indy [Jones], but it's definitely very Han Solo too, of course. I guess people think all white guys in space look alike. It's space racism. It's spacism!" Chris laughed to Empire magazine.

"I've met Harrison Ford, actually. It was at the opening of his son's restaurant eight or nine years ago, so I had an opportunity to shake his hand and say hello. Now I'm kinda-sorta playing someone like him in a Marvel movie. Life is weird."

The 35-year-old's career has really taken off since his 2009 casting in hit TV series Parks and Recreation. With two new films in the pipeline, including a big screen adaption of David Hasselhoff's '80s TV classic Knight Rider, Chris is understandably content with life right now.

"If I could give my younger, shaking-hands-with-Harrison-Ford self any advice... I wouldn't. Maybe I'd tell myself to smoke less, but really I'd be so afraid to say anything. The worst thing that could happen would be to alter my past and not end up where I am now, because I'm really, really, really liking it," he smiled.

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