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Chris Rock schools radio host

Chris Rock left Australian Triple J radio host Matt Okine red-faced after schooling him in comedy during an awkward on-air interview.

The 50-year-old American comedian, who has been on the circuit since he was just 19 and starred in numerous Hollywood movies during his career, gave the 29-year-old Triple J host and stand-up comic a lesson he’ll never forget.

In studio to talk about his new film, Top Five, Chris couldn’t help but make fun of Matt after his co-host, Alex Dyson, revealed to the comedy legend that Matt is also a comedian.

“Really? You do stand-up? Are you any good?” Chris asked Matt, to which he cockily replied, “I’m really good.”

"You're saying that to me?" Chris goaded him, to which Matt quickly clarified, “I’m not as good as you, don’t get me wrong!”

Chris then launched into a metaphor about how he plays basketball but would never say to basketball legend Michael Jordan that he can play, which resulted in laughter all around.

But it wasn’t over there for Matt, with Chris then asking the team to bring up some footage of him in action so that he could “critique this act".

While they were searching for the perfectly embarrassing material, Chris recalled a similar encounter he had had when he was a newbie with comedy great Eddie Murphy. And as he pointed out, he lowered Eddie’s expectations prior to him seeing him perform, leaving Eddie to tell him how great he was, not the other way around.

“And he said that, not you. That’s the key, Matt, that’s the key,” Alex laughed as he ribbed his co-host, who looked mortified.

Upon hearing Matt’s quick routine about vacuum cleaners, Chris didn’t disappoint as he critiqued him. While he seemed to appreciate the Aussie humour, his remarks no doubt left Matt feeling less than adequate.

"It’s cute. It’s lovely,” he began, before joking, “You are from the street!”

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