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Christian Bale: Criticise me!

Christian Bale doesn't mind being told he's done a bad job and doesn't surround himself with yes-men.

The British actor has bagged an Oscar and Golden Globe during his career and is known for his serious roles.

However, he's not immune from bad reviews, and his latest film Exodus: Gods and Kings, a biblical retelling of Moses, has been slammed for the all-white leads.

"I mean: guilty. I’d last 40 minutes in the Sinai, before my skin would be blistering. Let alone 40 years walking around. I’d look a right b****y mess. Should that stop Ridley [Scott, director] from casting me? I don’t know," Christian mused to the British edition of Esquire magazine.

"Because if there’s a problem, I’m hoping you’ve thought about it so you don’t just want to create a problem, but you want to find a solution. Give us examples of how it should be done differently. But, look, I always enjoy harsh criticism. I get a kick out of people hating a film I’ve made. 'You were horrible.' 'You’re the worst actor ever.'"

Christian admits the life of an actor is a pretty vain existence, so some negative reviews can often prove to be a grounding experience.

As one of the busiest men in Hollywood, Christian's career shows no signs of slowing down and he currently has four new films in production. If any of them bomb at the cinema, the 40-year-old is open to hearing it was his fault.

"There’s a perverse kind of enjoyment to that. I think it comes from an awareness that it can be one of the most vain jobs going. We get to work, where’s the first place we go? Make-up. So, I sort of enjoy whenever I get ripped apart. It makes me feel complete. So many people say, 'Well, in your position all you’ve got is yes-men.' Believe me, it’s not true. I have lots of no-men – and women, particularly – who are very happy telling me when they think I’ve ballsed-up. I love those people. That’s who I want around me," he smiled.

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