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Christian Bale: Hardy is excitable

Christian Bale says Tom Hardy was "gleeful" on the set of the new Batman movie.

Christian portrays Bruce Wayne/Batman in the hotly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, while Tom is the villainous Bane. Although they play arch enemies in the film, the pair got along famously while shooting scenes together.

"Tom's a real fascinating actor. He's going to be creating some wonderful characters over his career and he's doing so with this. He's kind of just gleeful coming into work every day," Christian told "He's the real deal. I'm very impressed with him. I'm very impressed with all the cast on this one."

Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway have also joined the cast for the last instalment of the comic book franchise.

Marion is high-powered socialite Miranda Tate, while Anne plays Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Christian is full of praise for his stunning female co-stars - and has teased that cinemagoers will see Anne in a new light.

"I worked with Marion really briefly in Public Enemies and she's wonderful and versatile actress. So far the work's been really great with her," he explained. "With Anne likewise, I think she's doing something very different than what most people probably would have seen her do before."

Christian was also quizzed on Bruce's relationship with Selena in the movie. Images have been released of the pair apparently holding hands, but the star is amused by the speculation surrounding a supposed romance.

"Have you? You think you have, have you?" Christian replied when asked about the hand holding. "Aaah, maybe some people are seeing things and they don't know what they're looking at? It's quite interesting to watch and hear what people think we're doing. You look and go, 'That's not what we're doing. But never mind, let's let people think that's what we're doing.'"

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