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Christian Bale: I dance to LMFAO

Christian Bale sings and dances to LMFAO with his daughter.

The famously serious actor has revealed his softer side. He loves spending time with seven-year-old Emmaline and she is a huge music fan. She enjoys dancing around to her favourite tunes, including American electropop duo LMFAO - who are known for upbeat tunes such as Sexy and I Know It.

"My daughter is crazy about art so we draw, paint and sculpt together And she has me dancing and singing to songs I never imagined I would be dancing and singing to," he told British newspaper The Mirror. "One of her favourites is LMFAO so I'm even doing that."

Christian is reprising his role as Batman once again for the new movie The Dark Knight Rises.

The 38-year-old star's daughter loves to see him in character and he entertains her friends by pretending to be the superhero.

"And it's a kick for her and her friends when I do the Batman voice for them and chase them around pretending to be Batman," he explained. "Although she loves me doing the Batman voice she still takes the p**s out of my British accent.

"My daughter loves it because she thinks it sounds so silly. She's not really old enough to watch any of the movies so she hasn't seen them yet. But she's seen some pictures, she'd come and visit the set."

Christian's family always travels with him to movie sets and when he is promoting films around the world. He says it's important to remain close to his daughter and wife Sibi.

"I believe in sticking together and that movies can produce experiences unlike any other job I could get," he added. "Travel, strange, bizarre, wonderful experiences... I want my daughter to be a part of that and be along for the ride.

"My wife agrees. We want to all be together throughout it all."

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