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Christian Slater: I was overwhelmed by Sean Connery

Hollywood star Christian Slater fell back in love with acting when he was 35, despite being in the business since his teenage years.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actor Christian Slater found working with Sean Connery as a 16-year-old surreal.

Christian has starred in a number of hit films since his debut in 1985's The Legend of Billie Jean, including True Romance, Interview with the Vampire and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. But it's one of his first films, 1986’s The Name of the Rose, alongside the former James Bond actor, that remains prominent in the 46-year-old’s mind.

“It’s quite surreal,” he said during an appearance on British TV show This Morning. “But getting the opportunity to work with someone like Sean Connery was probably some of the best foundation building I could have had.”

In the movie, Christian played an apprentice monk to Sean’s friar William of Baskerville. Despite his young years at the time, the star had to get naked in one scene, which he jokingly said was “scandalous”. But with such an iconic actor as his co-star, Christian had to step up to the plate and push aside any nerves he had.

“He’s such a phenomenal example and such a phenomenal man,” he continued. “But yeah, I was there looking up to him like he was James Bond all the time. I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t believe it.”

After 30 years in the industry, Christian admits there are times when he fell out of love with acting. But after starring in the stage version of the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in London's West End in 2004, his passion for his craft was reignited.

“That was it, I fell in love with London and being on the stage,” he continued. “I was 35, so ten years ago. I think what happened was I had a rediscovery of my love and passion for it. When I started I was so young, I was a kid, so it was just fun, it was great, but then coming over here and doing a play, it just kind of reintroduced me to what a gift it is to get to be an actor.”

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