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Christian Slater: Sobriety is sexy

Christian Slater feels much sexier since giving up alcohol.

The 43-year-old actor had several brushes with the law before he became sober, including being jailed for drunk driving and ordered to prison and rehab for assaulting his then-girlfriend.

He has now put those problems behind him and says his life has improved dramatically since he cleaned up his life.

"There are definitely challenges, particularly when you're especially stubborn and you want to make something work when it doesn't work for you. The illusion of alcohol is that you think you're loose and comfortable when actually you're falling on the floor and embarrassing yourself and your friends," he told British newspaper The Guardian. "But I feel like things work now. It is better just to show up. It makes me feel sexier. It's sexier just to show up and be in the moment than to need liquid lubrication to feel like you fit in."

Christian is known for films such as True Romance and 1988's Heathers, which became a cult classic. Winona Ryder also starred in Heathers and Christian was in awe of her, although he never managed to be open about his feelings.

"Yeah, well, as I've gotten to know myself over the years I realised I'm kind of a sweet, sensitive guy, a shy guy, and communication is not something I'm so good at," he explained.

When Heathers was released, Christian was classed as one of the most eligible actors around. He thoroughly enjoyed being followed by hordes of female admirers, although he remains tight-lipped about what really went on.

"Without question [being a pin-up was as much fun as it looked]. It was a great time," he laughed. "The '80s was a wild decade and I had some fantastic times. And I did some really fun work."

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