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Christina Applegate: Gin's so grim

Christina Applegate has terrible memories of gin after inviting a gin maker to one of her parties.

While the 43-year-old has learnt many important life lessons, there is one that will always stick out: avoid the spirit, which is often mixed with tonic.

"Gin is the worst alcohol!" she exclaimed to German magazine Neon when asked what she's learnt over the years. "When I was 20, I invited an American gin maker to my party in Los Angeles. The drunk guests took my villa apart and everything ended in mass fights on the street!"

When she's on set, the sensible star prefers to stick to water. But even for her H2O she has strict requirements.

"I always make sure the mineral water didn't come from plastic bottles, as they can be carcinogenic," she explained.

Christina is even more careful about her health after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. She underwent a double mastectomy that same year and was announced cancer free.

"When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you have to learn to accept the help on offer," she revealed. "My doctor gave me a list with the numbers of other patients. I phoned these women every day and cried my heart out. They knew how I was feeling."

These days, she concentrates on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making the most of her work opportunities. Currently she can be seen in comedy hit Vacation, about a family's eventful holiday. Also starring are Chris Hemsworth, Ed Helms and Leslie Mann.

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