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Christina Applegate: I kissed a Beatle!

Christina Applegate decided to kiss Sir Paul McCartney without telling him.

The two stars were invited to an event thrown by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in 2013, where guests put on a staged reading of Shakespeare plays.

Christina is a huge music fan, and seized the opportunity to take full advantage of the casting.

"All day long we're rehearsing and he's doing Hey Jude and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and all you see, and I have video of it, are all these actors, who are pretty well known in their own right, just videoing him with our iPhones like a bunch of nerds. Because you can't believe you're in stage just hanging out with a Beatle and he's singing the music," she recalled to Jimmy Kimmel.

"And then in the play, the director and I decided, and we didn't tell Paul this, I was the only one to have a scene with him, that at the end of the scene I was just going to plant a big kiss on him. And I did and he was, like, startled. 'My wife's in the front row!' and I was like 'I don't care!' and I turned round and I was like 'Yes!' and the audience were like 'Yes!' and everyone was screaming: 'Yes Christina, you kissed a Beatle!'"

When she's not kissing iconic musicians, 43-year-old Christina can normally be found on a film set. Her latest movie, Vacation, co-stars Hangover favourite Ed Helms and tells the story of a family trip with hilariously unfortunate consequences.

One scene involves Christina chugging a pitcher of beer. However, all is not as it seems.

"Little known piece of trivia for ya: there was actually no beer in that. It was all CGI. And I'm not making a panel joke. So I did swallowing acting. I had to sell it. I'm so sorry - I would have been so sick if I had to drink all that," she laughed.

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