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Christina Applegate: I want my daughter to love the Big Apple

Christina Applegate doesn’t take taxis in Manhattan because she is determined her daughter Sadie will get to love the “real” New York.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Actress Christina Applegate wants her daughter to know the “stinky parts” of Manhattan as well as the famous landmarks.

The 43-year-old is mother to four-year-old Sadie with husband Martyn LeNoble. Growing up in New York herself, Christina was determined to pass on her love of the city to her little girl.

"Growing up, my mom and I would go to Manhattan and that was the best thing for me in the world,” Christina told Us Weekly. “Sadie loves it. We don't take cabs - we ride the subway and walk everywhere. I want her to know what the real place is...even the stinky parts!”

Former Samantha Who? star Christina recently starred in holiday movie Vacation alongside Ed Helms. In the film, the Griswold family embark on a road trip to theme park Wally World – with a lot of hilarious encounters along the way.

When it comes to road trips in her own life, Christina has only ever been on one – but it has certainly stuck in her memory.

“The only road trip I ever went on was when I was seven,” Christina continued. “My mom took me to Tijuana (Mexico, from Los Angeles) and we sang this really weird Carmen Miranda song (from A Date With Judy) the whole ride down there. That's all I remember from the trip!"

Christina has a busy professional life with roles in movies such as The Sweetest Thing and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy under her belt.

So whenever she gets some time off, the actress enjoys chilling out and relaxing.

"My favourite vacation is where I can just lie down and have people bring me things,” Christina said. “My husband always says, 'Let's rent a house!' I'm like, 'That requires cooking our food and cleaning dishes, man! Let's get a villa with a staff and just lie there.' He says, 'We'll be poor really soon.'

"There's my daughter, my stepdaughter, her boyfriend, my husband, and myself. And so that I can lie down, I do bring a nanny. Because I need to lie down!"

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