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Christina Hendricks's movie mum mix-up

Christina Hendricks “froze” when she was asked to play three-months-younger than her actress Charlize Theron’s mother in a movie.

The 40-year-old Mad Men actress is only three months older than Charlize, so the offer was astounding. It came about when someone dropped out of her new movie Dark Places, with Christina eventually uttering a sigh of relief when she realised bosses weren’t suggesting she looked old enough to be the South African star’s parent.

“I walked on set and they had just lost their other lead to play Charlize's mom,” Christina recalled on James Corden’s US talk show. “They said 'Would you consider taking on this role?' and I sort of just froze.

“Yes [to play her mom]... In flashbacks.”

Dark Places is about Libby, played by Charlize, whose family were killed when she was seven. 25 years later she tries to get to the truth of what happened.

Things have come a long way for Christina, especially when she considers how she started out in the world of work. Perhaps aptly for someone who is renowned for her flame-coloured tresses, one of the star’s first jobs was in a hair salon. She wasn’t allowed to do the restyles though, instead having to stick with shampooing clients – sometimes with more luck than others.

“I do remember one of the first days at work,” she revealed. “You have that hose and you're trying to be professional. My boss had a big painting of himself in the salon and [the hose] slipped out of my hand.

“[Water] was on the client and on the painting. I was trying to get a handle on it. It was one of those bad shampoo girl days...”

Anyone who had their hair cleaned by Christina at that time probably wouldn’t recognise her now, as she used to be into the Goth aesthetic. She’s admitted this in the past, with James particularly keen to hear more.

It was the “romance” aspect of it which appealed to the star, which the talk show host couldn’t fathom. He explained that at his school it was the Goth kids who tended to sniff glue, prompting Christina to shriek: “No one was sniffing anything! We were the smart kids who felt shy in the drama group.”

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