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Christoph Waltz recalls nurse nostalgia

Christoph Waltz found New York "exotic" when he first moved over.

The 58-year-old actor has no trouble impressing the ladies and is currently happily married to costume designer Judith Holste, who he has a young daughter with. Prior to this he was with ex-wife, psychotherapist Jackie, the mom of his three children Shelby, Leon and Rachel.

When asked to recall an embarrassing story from his childhood involving a woman, Christoph admits the episode he chose to share would have been much worse if it happened in the present.

"There was an incident with a nurse in the hospital when I had my appendix removed at age six," he recalled to the American edition of Elle magazine. "I did not perceive it as embarrassing then, but now I would be in despair. You know what I mean. But I have fond memories of her. Let's put it that way."

Christoph has always had a keen interest in the opposite sex, citing Liza Minnelli and the late Lauren Bacall as his famous crushes.

He moved to New York from Austria to study acting in the late '70s and was blown away by what the city had to offer.

"It was the beginning of the end. Not in respect to the women, but in respect to what was considered the real New York. But I was very young - 23, 24. To me, it was a little exotic. And I only looked at the women. So I didn't see much of New York anyway," he smiled.

Christoph was then quizzed on his close pal Quentin Tarantino and the director's supposed fetish for women's feet.

"For him, that might be romantic. It isn't necessarily for me. It depends on the toe, a little bit," the actor noted.

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