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Ciara doesn’t have showbiz dreams for son

Ciara doesn't ever want her son Future Zahir Wilburn to feel forced into doing something.

The 29-year-old singer welcomed tot Future Zahir Wilburn with ex-fiancé Future last May and has openly gushed about motherhood over the last year.

Ciara herself first entered the industry aged 14 so knows a thing or two about growing up in the spotlight. While she'd rather her little one didn't follow in her footsteps, she has no intentions of holding him back if he wants to.

"I'll support him with whatever his heart desires as long as it's something positive and productive. My mom was hesitant about me being in music but she gave me room to figure it out. It's important to allow your kids to pursue their dreams," she explained to British newspaper Metro. "You don't want someone to wish they could have achieved something but were forced to do something else. But showbusiness is a tough world. Ideally I wouldn't want him to do it but if his heart desires it then I'll support him."

Ciara is so grateful for her mother's support that she's named her sixth album, Jackie, after her. With so much already under her career belt the star isn't planning to step back from the spotlight any time soon, revealing she wants to win more Grammys and can't wait to tour again.

If anything, the brunette beauty feels better than ever with her career and has learnt some valuable lessons over the years.

"Confidence is key in all that you do. You have to be sure of yourself," she advised. "Life is what you make it. Don't let others distract you from your vision. People will tell you 'no' a lot - and how you deal with those moments defines your character."

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